Oracle Cluster 物理配置要求及限制

1、Oracle Clusterware supports up to 100 nodes in a cluster on configurations running Oracle Database 10grelease 2 (10.2) and later releases.
在10.2以后的版本开始 oracle的集群支持最多100g节点的集群。

 每个节点最少2张网卡(one for a public network and one for a private network)
 Oracle 不支持集群节点间直连。

Oracle Clusterware 11g release 2 (11.2) supports the use of dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) for the VIP addresses and the SCAN address, but not the public address.
在11.2后支持vip ,scan ip 使用dhcp 但public ip 不支持

 Oracle Clusterware supports NFS, iSCSI,Direct Attached Storage (DAS), Storage Area Network(SAN) storage, and Network Attached Storage(NAS).
ocr 建议冗余 《=5
 voting disk suggest 5 ; support up to 15

voting disk 最多支持为15个盘

The voting disk files, which record node membership information,
and the Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR), which records cluster configuration information,information about the components that Oracle Clusterware controls, such as Oracle RAC databases, listeners, virtual IP addresses (VIPs), and services and any applications.
voting disk 记录了节点成员关系信息。
ocr 主要记录的黑丝集群的配置信息,如集群控制的组件:数据库,监听,vip ,服务,其他的应用。

4、集群,asm ,rdbms.兼容性问题
Oracle ASM release 11.2 requires OracleClusterware release 11.2 and supports
Oracle Database 11grelease 2 (11.2), release 1 (11.1), Oracle Database 10g release 2 (10.2), and release 1 (10.1)
11.2的asm 要求的集群的是 >=11.2 但是可以支持的数据库可以是11.2,11.1,10.2,10.1

5、----oracle cluster  两个配置、管理工具
 Server Control (SRVCTL): SRVCTL is a command-line interface that you can use to manage Oracle resources, such as databases, services, or listeners in the cluster.
srvclt 可以用于管理oracle的 资源如数据库, 服务,监听。

Oracle Clusterware Control (CRSCTL): CRSCTL is a command-line tool that you can use to manage Oracle Clusterware. CRSCTL should be used for general clusterware management and management of individual resources.
crsctl  管理集群层面的工具,可以管理整个集群,也可以管理单个集群资源。

以上两个工具发出的命令对整个集群中的所有节点有效,可以在集群中任何节点发出命令,来控制,配置集群或者rac 的资源。

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